alt We understand that project leaders need to develop cost effective ways to achieve the outcomes their clients or managers expect. We also recognise that some projects bring complexities and challenges that are outside the experience of traditional project teams.

Hardingham Pty Ltd brings together a team of skilled practitioners who can address these issues.



alt Knowing how to fully engage with stakeholders is the first step in achieving community support for your project. Citizens are increasing their vigilance of major projects and engagement is an important step in understanding their motivation.

Hardingham Pty Ltd consultants have an extensive network that provide local insight and awareness.



alt Our team of consultants provide access to specialised support and advice in areas that many teams find valuable. Our client base continues to evolve and our commitment to continual learning ensures our capability increases in line with project demands.

Hardingham Pty Ltd bring additional capacity where it is needed and provide constructive and practical project support.