alt We understand that project leaders need to develop cost effective ways to achieve the outcomes their clients or managers expect. We also recognise that some projects bring complexities and challenges that are outside the experience of traditional project teams.

Hardingham Pty Ltd brings together a team of skilled practitioners who can address these issues.


Our consultants specialise in the areas of greatest project complexity and bring a range of techniques to meet these challenges:

  • Community engagement that recognises the unique offereing of every stakeholder, not just the loudest or the most accessable. 
  • Indigenous engagement that is respectful and culturally appropriate.
  • Indigenous employment and training that identifies the barrier to success and works with the community to break them down, one at a time.
  • Assisting companies to develop Indigenous employment strategies that build corporate capacity.
  • Local business participation and supplier development programs that ensure the local economy benefits from the project.
  • Social impact managemant that is evidence based and includes stakeholders in solutions.
  • Managing conflict and opposition to major projects both in the media and at site.
  • Eliminating racism in the workplace and coaching managers and supervisors to achieve zero tolerance.
  • Working with teams during the tendering phase to ensure there are no hidden costs in meeting clients expectations in community and Indigenous outcomes.