alt Knowing how to fully engage with stakeholders is the first step in achieving community support for your project. Citizens are increasing their vigilance of major projects and engagement is an important step in understanding their motivation.

Hardingham Pty Ltd consultants have an extensive network that provide local insight and awareness.

The combined work history of our consultants has nutured a valuable network of people who know and trust us.  We hold strong values on ethical behaviour, complete confidentiality of client information and our respect for the diversity and equality of all people.

Our network is one of our greatest assets and the knowledge we draw from it informs many of our activities and client outcomes. We do not underestimate the value of our network or the many community and industry leaders who support our commitment to excellence in this field.

Our connection to people assists us to support our clients by:

  • Ensuring we engage with all project stakeholders, not just the traditional or highly visible groups.
  • Enabling us to identify the correct Aboriginal groups or families who speak for Country.
  • Provides access to unpublicised issues or historical factors that could impact on a project.
  • Identifying innovative opportunities or greater than expected outcomes.
  • Capturing the minority voice
  • Understanding the issue from opposing groups
  • Managing conflict often before it emerges
  • Establishing the real issues so resources are directed where they are needed
  • Understanding the community network and identifying who holds the influence