Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hardingham Pty Ltd have Indigenous consultants?

Yes, we have a strong network of Indigenous consultants and skilled practitioners. We believe the participation of local Indigenous people is key to project success and our extensive network can identify the most appropriate consultant for the project.

How do you manage conflict on projects when one group of stakeholders wants something that another group does not?

We believe the answer is ensuring that procedural fairness underpins all decision making. Our experience shows us that people will accept a decision, even if they dont like it, if they feel they have been part of the process. Meaningful engagement with all stakeholders regardless of their attitude to the project is a critical component of managing risk and reaching informed decisions. It is also the most effective way of reducing conflict and allowing irrational behaviour to be exposed to the wider community.

Do you work fulltime on projects or on an as need basis?

This depends on the project and the clients needs. Consultants can work full time inside project teams for several years and their consultant status becomes irrelevant to the wider team or we can provide strategic input as required, develop management and key activity plans, provide ongoing mentoring or supervision to project staff or assist during tendering or start up phases of projects.

Do you have experience managing Social Impact?

This was one of the responsibilities during the FEED stage of the Browse LNG Downstream Development for Woodside Energy Ltd.